Look past everything I have ever learned

Posted by Cory , Thursday, January 28, 2010 6:34 AM

Since I'm out another day with The Pink Eye, I decided to do a little Googling on the subject. I came across a home-remedies message board, and found this little gem. It made me giggle a bit.

"Of course another remedy is to watch your favorite tear jerker. Pink eye is caused by not crying. Have a big cry-fest with some super sad movie. It works! It helps also to investigatewhy you aren't crying. Why are you so unfeeling?"

At least everyone is trying, everyone is shining

Posted by Cory , Wednesday, January 27, 2010 10:50 AM

This is me choosing to look on the bright side: waking up with pink eye means that I can spend the whole day in my sweat pants and NO ONE CAN JUDGE ME.

The fact that this happened the day after I was told I need to take more days off is nothing short of hysterical.

I'm having a major Snow Patrol moment these days. I blame ads for this movie for reminding me how much I love this song. And Snow Patrol in general. Enjoy, because SP is rad:

Would you stand up and walk out on me?

Posted by Cory , Saturday, January 16, 2010 12:40 PM

I should really know better than to watch Food Network before I go to the gym. I suppose, though, it's better than the time I was watching it AT the gym, not having had breakfast yet that day. Not my brightest moment.

So. Excited. For a three-day weekend. I was in the kindergarten/1st grade class at work yesterday, and one of the teachers was talking about Martin Luther King, Jr., trying to explain to the kids what he did and why we remember him. She explained what segregation was, then a few minutes later asked if anyone remembered what it meant. One of the kids, thinking back to when she had talked about aggression, raised his hand: "Like, fighting, sword-fighting..." I had to walk away from the group, I was laughing so hard.

Schmoopy will be flying into Spokompton exactly three weeks from today. Can. Not. Wait. Not only is my best friend coming to visit, but I get to take two days off of work (woo!) and we're going to see Jack's Mannequin at the Knitting Factory while she's here (WOO!).

Here's a little something to make you smile. Kisses!