Let's shine like the stars in a dark and dirty sky

Posted by Cory , Tuesday, February 24, 2009 6:53 PM

I had a meeting with my IBI project supervisor last night. She had been in contact with the offices in Boise to find out my official deadline. According to their records, it's due March 1. You know, 5 days from now. Cursecursecurse. However, the project guidelines were rather radically changed on October 1 of last year, so my project isn't actually due until April 1. Due to be down in Boise, that is. My project supervisor needs to add her input and scoring before she mails it off, meaning it needs to be in her hands by mid-March. You know, three weeks from now. Cursecursecurse. Thankfully, her advice to me was to pad my writing by pulling from my own knowledge of my kiddo, whom I've worked with since November of '07. So I'm less stressed now, but still pretty damn stressed. So there's that.

Decided to give up Facebook for Lent. I finally narrowed it down to that or peanut butter, but I didn't think swearing off peanut butter for 40 days would be quite the same kind of sacrifice. I guess I could have given up cereal, because I really, really like cereal. Like, a lot. At least one bowl per day, but usually more than that. Hmm. I'll give it some more thought tonight. I wish Handsy was here to give me some immediate advice.

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