You've said what you had to, now leave

Posted by Cory , Sunday, November 8, 2009 1:57 PM

Some thoughts on a rainy Sunday afternoon:

1. I've accomplished shockingly little from my to-do list for the weekend. However, I don't care.
2. Glen Hansard's voice makes my insides go all silly.
3. I made coffee at home instead of stopping at Dutch Bros. on my way home from Mass. Proud of myself for saving a few dollars. Unfortunately, I used the last of the bag and now have none for tomorrow morning. This is distressing.
4. My dreams have become increasingly lame lately. No lie, I dreamt the other night that I wanted to find new bedside tables for my room, and then planned to paint my bedroom furniture. Who dreams about crap like that?! Me, it would seem.
5. I have no other thoughts at this time.
6. I lied just now.
7. The other day, one of my clients (a 4-year-old girl) was playing with two toy turtles while I was taking down some data. I glanced up to see how she was doing, and I saw her put the turtles' hands together and say "yeah!". She made the turtles high-5 each other. Some days, I really do love my job.
8. < /thoughts >

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