The freeway is just like veins without a heart

Posted by Cory , Tuesday, February 9, 2010 7:04 PM

SINUSITIS2010: Super fun so far. I've been entirely stuffed up for over a week now, and the sinus pressure became too intense to ignore today, so I finally broke down and went to urgent care. I entered the reception area second in line, behind a man who evidently had some kind of motorcycle/bicycle accident and had dislocated his shoulder and proceeded to shout at the receptionist that he needed to be seen RIGHT AWAY. Now, I understand that a dislocated shoulder is a pretty painful injury, but I can't imagine screaming at the poor receptionist like that. Anyway, rather than tell him to SETTLE DOWN, which is what I probably would have done, she took him back to talk to the doctor. Not two minutes later, he comes storming back through the door as his wife was walking in from parking the car. He griped to her that they had to go to the emergency room, because no one who was working at urgent care tonight was strong enough to put his shoulder back in place. Karmic justice? Perhaps. Did I giggle a little (inwardly)? I did.

The Schmoopy Reunification Project has come and gone. It was 99% spectacular (it lost the remaining one percent because Fail ended up having to fly out a day early for a funeral), and now I suppose it's my turn to make the trip east. The Jack's Mannequin show was A. MAZING (more on that in a bit), but the best part of the weekend was getting to hang out with my best friend (in the same time zone, even!). We put on a fantastic display of domesticity Saturday night, making dinner instead of going out. There were pictures involved, but they were taken with her camera, so I don't have access to them at the moment. Perhaps I'll get my hands on them soon and post them here, further fueling my delusion that I could be even a part-time food blogger.

So, like I said, the show Sunday night was superb. I love seeing bands that have impacted my life so much live, and it's even better that their live show is fantastic. The Knitting Factory is a great little venue. After a quick dinner downtown and wandering through River Park Square for a while to pass the time, we walked into the main doors of the club to get in line. The security guy stopped us and asked if we were 21. We said that we were, and he told us that if we went around the block and entered through the bar, we could get in before the younger crowd. We ended up sitting on a level of the the club that was dry, anyway, but it was worth it to not have to stand in line with a ton of 15-year-old kids.

We sat at a high table on a couple of bar stools, just across a railing from the VIP area. It was a great vantage point, both in terms of seeing the stage and for people-watching. We laughed at all the kids standing in little clumps, each texting away while they carried on a conversation with their friends. When the show started, it was actually a little bittersweet for me. There was a day when I could stand for a whole show without any problems, but that night I was grateful to have a place to sit down. However, I missed being down in the thick of things, surrounded by other kids who understood how the music can shape you, kids who just got it. I fully recognize that, at 24, it might be time for me to cede that position to the younger crowd, but as I looked down at the kids on the floor, I got a little nostalgic; I used to BE one of those kids.

The first opening act was called Vedera. Don't bother committing it to memory; they were entirely meh. Second opener was Fun. As in, the band is called Fun. They were interesting, to say the least. A song or two into their set, I started to notice something familiar in their sound. I leaned over to Fail and mentioned that I thought they sounded a lot like The Format. Ever curious, I pulled up iTunes on my phone and looked up their album. As I was reading user reviews, I came to find out that Fun is fronted by the former lead singer of the Format. Who knew? Anyway, Fun wasn't bad; I may have to give them another listen one of these days.

Not to make a grand, all-encompassing statement, but Jack's Mannequin may put on the best live show I've ever seen. Every member of the band looked like they were having the best time; I don't think I saw the drummer without a smile on his face throughout their entire set. They played a lot of my favorite songs and just generally amazed me. The rest of my photos are on Flickr, and here's a video I took during my favorite song, "Swim".

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