I don't care too much for money

Posted by Cory , Sunday, December 5, 2010 7:30 PM

So, this happened:

As has become my habit over the past few weeks, I was up way, way past my bedtime early last week. Just before midnight, someone started pounding on my front door, effectively scaring me half to death. It turned out to be a police officer, armed with I can only describe as a very large gun. He told me that there was a situation in the complex involving a man holed up in his apartment with a gun, which is conveniently located directly across the parking lot from mine and that I needed to leave the apartment so they could use my living room windows as a vantage point.

Um, holy crap.

I got a lot of mixed stories between that time and the next morning watching the news; some said there was a hostage (not entirely true), others that the man was suicidal. Either way, I eventually wound up sitting in the exercise room in the main office of the complex, watching "Airplane" at 3 am.

Good times.

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Jasper Says:

see! something else that doesn't happen in Podunkville!...although nearby slighly-more-upscale-ville revently had a kkk snowman, the only real evet over here is whether or not those people have their goat is in the front yard

Mikaela Says:

Ridiculous! And scary!

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