Cheating gets it faster

Posted by Cory , Tuesday, June 23, 2009 6:17 PM

Can we take a minute and talk about today? Because, today? Kind of awful. And by "today", I do mean "the portion of today from 12-3".

There was poop. OH, was there poop. TWICE. In the same afternoon. From the same child. Who should NOT be pooping his pants at this point.

After I picked him up from lunch, we stopped by Fred Meyer to pick up the ring that I had dropped off to be sized last week. Not wanting to turn the AC on, I rolled down all four windows in the car. From the back passenger side window, I heard a thunk. The regulator is shot! Isn't that fun? This has happened before, to the opposite rear window, which is the only way I know what the hell a regulator is.

We met a coworker of mine at the park, and Child decided to push the girl she was working with because she didn't want to play with him. Then I got to race up the play structure, nearly slipping and cracking my head, to head off the full-on behavior, though he did manage to smack my sunglasses crooked before I got him to settle down.

My job is friggen awesome. Although, there was one sweet moment during which I was kneeling in a park restroom trying to clean Child's poop before he has a chance to stim in it. As I leaned over, my ponytail fell over my shoulder, and Child says, "Cory, you have nice hair". Can you even HANDLE that? Also, when he verbal-stims with my name, he calls me "Curree", which is slightly adorable.

Also, WHEN can I get a decent night's sleep again? Seriously. Thank you.

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Mikaela Says:

Thank goodness for coffee tomorrow!!

Raldo Says:

Coffee is God's way of telling us he loves us.

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