I wish you were here

Posted by Cory , Wednesday, June 3, 2009 8:59 PM

My little brother makes me giggle sometimes.

me: did mom take you to lunch today for the last day of school?
Lil Brudder: no...we had to stay the WHOLE DAY!
Lil Brudder: its a travesty

5 Response to "I wish you were here"

Raldo Says:

Ah... siblings. You know what's super scary? I remember when he used to be called the garden gnome and he'd actually act like one.

Well... It was the way I would suspect a garden gnome to act.

Cory Says:

Who called him that? I really do not remember that. Also, don't garden gnomes just... sit there? Or are you talking about, like, a bewitched garden gnome or something?

Claire Says:

MAD PROPS for using "bewitched" in everyday conversation.

Raldo Says:

YOU called him that, Cory. And according to recent events, I think we can both agree that your long-term memory is gone when it comes to frivolous, obscure references of the past.

Perhaps you've been bewitched yourself.

Cory Says:

Huh. How about that.

Carry on, then.

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