Keeping my hopes unbroken

Posted by Cory , Wednesday, September 22, 2010 9:47 AM

A (mostly) pictorial round-up of things that are making me happy this week:

*Finally getting the tattoo that I've wanted for a few months now (happy belated 25th birthday to ME). I e-mailed the shop that a few people recommended to me early Monday morning, the artist called around 10 am, and by 7:30 that evening I had been be-tatted (or something like that).

*The mug that Amazon gave me as a going-away gift.

*The sweet wall decorations I found for my new apartment at a home store in the Lake City. There may be an emerging trend in my life...

*The In Between Sundays podcast. Catholic young adults, take notice.

*The fact that I'm moving to PDX in TWO DAYS.

*Blog comments (AHEM). What's making you happy this week?

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Mikaela Says:

HOORAY!!!!!! I love every little bit of this post... So. Stinkin. Stoked.

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