Your charm, of course, you use as a weapon

Posted by Cory , Sunday, September 26, 2010 8:56 AM

Hand to God, the following conversation between me and my father is absolutely true.

Friday morning, we're loading last-minute things into my car, Mom's jeep and the moving truck for the big drive to PDX.  As I passed through the kitchen, I asked him to bring up an old TV from the basement (apparently my family never buys new TVs; they just get gifted around from person to person).

"You know," he started. "I bet if you looked at your mom just right, she'd buy you a new TV down in Oregon."

Me: (confused silence)
Dad: (grin)
Me: "Okay. But before I take that up with HER, I'm asking YOU-is that what you want to do?"
Dad: "Sure!"

At this point, I figured he meant a little TV, maybe a 24" flat screen; just something that he wouldn't have to strain to haul up the stairs.

Such was not the case.

Pictures to come once I make sense of the mess that is my new apartment.

3 Response to "Your charm, of course, you use as a weapon"

Pinky McLobster Says:

Are you now the owner of an absurdly sized TV?

Sara Says:

oh dear....I can only imagine :)

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