Listen, here's the pleasant part

Posted by Cory , Wednesday, November 17, 2010 12:01 AM

"If you were going to make a mix of love songs, what five songs would you have to include?" [via]

I'm the first to admit that I fancy myself a hopeless romantic (whether or not that's actually true is debatable, I suppose, but humor me). Some years ago I created an iTunes playlist of what I consider to be romantic songs (I suppose the Emery tune is pretty subjective, but I threw it in the mix because Toby wrote it for his wife, and things like that make me go "aww"), and it's traveled with me through several iPod upgrades and two new laptops. I don't listen to it much anymore, but every so often I find myself in the mood to daydream a bit, and that's where this particular playlist really shines for me.

In no particular order, these are among my five favorite songs from that list:

"Eight Days A Week" - The Beatles

"Blue Eyes" - Cary Brothers (might be loading slowly, but please be patient! It's a phenomenal song)

"Nothing Like You and I" - The Perishers

"Your Rocky Spine" - Great Lake Swimmers

"With or Without You" - U2 (Ross and Rachel? Anyone? Bueller?)

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