Saturday Music Special: Copeland

Posted by Cory , Saturday, November 6, 2010 12:01 AM

A tiny piece of my heart died when Copeland broke up.

That piece came back to life just a little when I stumbled across this video on YouTube.

I tried to explain to a friend earlier this week exactly what it was about Copeland that made them so special to me, and I could only stammer and sputter about how amazing they were. Granted, I was watching the above video at the time, and I've always been a sucker for both acoustic songs and Aaron Marsh's voice, but still. Words can't express what a beautiful falsetto will do to my insides (although "turns them to utter mush" is as good a place as any to start, I suppose).

I guess it's kind of cruel to do a Saturday Music Special on a band that's no longer producing new music (although, hell, I did it with Rilo Kiley way back when), but I have such a compulsion to share amazing music with people that I can't help it. When I was up visiting Breener a few weekends ago, we listened to Copeland's last album, "You Are My Sunshine", as we drove around her small town on a rainy Pacific Northwest night, and it occurred to me that their music (particularly "YAMS" and "Eat, Sleep, Repeat") is the ideal soundtrack for a rainy, but not necessarily gloomy, day. I kid you not: the next time you find yourself at home on a rainy Saturday, make a cup of tea, put on some comfy (read: stretchy) pants and play some Copeland on YouTube. It will all make sense, I promise you.

Additionally, this post from the TWLOHA blog about Copeland's last show brought me to tears when I read it back in May. It says all the things I couldn't. Please to enjoy.

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Renee Says:

aparently Copeland is a perfect Thanksgiving soundtrack as well: YAMS. I say no more....

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