Posted by Cory , Wednesday, April 22, 2009 7:25 PM

Too worn out from this insane day to form paragraphs. Tonight's blog post will be bullet-pointed for my own convenience.

*DEATH CAB AND COLD WAR KIDS ON FRIDAY. I might be feeling a slight twinge of excitement. Also exciting: hanging out with Mel again.
*Got my score back for my project, and guess who tanked 6 of the 9 activities? OOH, PICK ME!
*Have recently learned that the life skills teachers at the middle school are afraid of me. It's weird having this much power. It's also reaffirming my decision to ask to be reassigned in the fall.
*Ireland is in 17 days. HOLY CRAP MUCH? Planning to enjoy the Irish countryside as far as my moral sensibilities will allow me.
*The Crazies are moving to Moscow at the end of May, which means that I most DEFINITELY will not have to deal with another summer of phone calls from Boss Lady that always start with "So, the [name]s called me just now and...". Added bonus: decreases possibility that I will have to share a caseload with Annoying Coworker Who Offers Unsolicited Financial Advice And Calls To Ask About Houses For You To Rent That Are Located Directly Next To His.

2 Response to "Neglected"

Mikaela Says:

I empathize with every bullet point... especially the last one. and i covet the ireland one.

Kaitlyn Says:

Plagiarize, imitate, whatever.

I mimic because I loff. Also, because I fail at originality.

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