From what I've seen I believe it

Posted by Cory , Thursday, October 28, 2010 5:26 PM


For the beautiful trees that line my apartment complex; brilliant red and gorgeous and autumnal.

For the friends I've met since moving to PDX, who have welcomed me with such open arms.

For 'Dexter'. Seriously, this show is so kick-ass.

For my favorite flourless chocolate cookie recipe (I made them last night for a little CYA get-together, and found out only after I got there that two of the four other people there have celiac disease. I WAS A HERO).

For a job that I love, even in spite of the fact that I got peed on this morning.

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Mikaela Says:

Unthankful: For the ridiculous delay in seeing you since relocating to my side of the mountains. Boo.

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