Say, say, say it out loud

Posted by Cory , Monday, October 18, 2010 5:03 PM

As promised, photographic proof that I'm not camped out in a hovel somewhere on the streets of PDX:


Living room, part une. Pay no attention the pictures leaning under the window that I have as of yet been too lazy to hang (or just don't have a place for yet).


Living room, part deux. Please to note that ugly green desk fits PERFECTLY in the alcove. Sign from God? I'd like to think so!


The solarium (I KNOW). Sitting room? Sun room? Either way, it sounds awfully pretentious, so I'm just going to go with it, I guess.


3 Response to "Say, say, say it out loud"

Jasper Says:

oooh! I recognize stuff! Not a lot, but the rug! and the white picture frame with the red on it from Big Lots! Good thing, too....otherwise I might think you broke into some one else's apartment and took pictures

Mikaela Says:

i like i like i like! Must see soon!!

Phil Says:

Very nice! And the "ugly" green desk actually doesn't look bad at all where you put it. Laterz!


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