In the movies, on the big screen

Posted by Cory , Friday, October 22, 2010 12:01 AM

7 quick takes

1. Few people in this world can produce an instantaneous smile from me at the mere mention of their name. Ben Folds is one such individual. That he was a judge on "The Sing-Off" was the sole reason I even bothered to watch at first (the nerdy boys singing a capella music helped, too). I don't remember where I came across this link (Gawker? Vulture? Hard to say [just kidding! It was Twitter!]), but he's got some beautiful photos on this site. [via]

2. Hipsters. iPhones. Alt-rock music. Subway. LOVE.

3. An interesting little piece on everyone's favorite Catholic Comedy Central daily news show host: Stephen Colbert.

4. Oops. [via]

5. Wait for it...

6. Exciting things on the horizon, including a trip north this weekend to visit Breener!

7. Unmitigated joyful moment of the week: It's no secret that I love Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. As an entertainer, he doesn't shy away from simple, joyful humor for humor's sake. I caught a promo for a rerun this week and decided to record it (see: slow jamming the news, thank you notes, AND Jimmy's Justin Bieber impression), and was even more thrilled when Super Grover 2.0 stopped by.

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Pinky McLobster Says:

The Super Grover 2.0 just make my day.

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