It was we who were the cliche but we carried on anyway

Posted by Cory , Tuesday, March 10, 2009 3:28 PM

Spring Break Countdown: 15 days. I need to get away from middle schoolers like you wouldn't believe. Nothing drives me closer to the brink of uttering profanities (as opposed to just cursing at them in my head) than inconsiderate 12-year-olds. If I get run over by one more seventh grader who's too busy texting the person walking DIRECTLY NEXT TO THEM I will snap. Look for me on the news.

Today's redeeming moment: Sitting in the hammock swing with K for ten minutes at the end of the day, tickling her tummy while we swing back and forth and side to side. So cute sometimes! Yeah, I know, she's 12 and is probably too old to be sitting on my lap at all, but come on: her developmental age is way, way below her chronological age. And she's so freaking adorable when she wants to be.

Have officially become obsessed with baking my own bread. I bitterly took a slice of store-bought bread to work to eat with my soup today, even though I made three loaves on Sunday, because the saver in me cannot bear the thought of wasting four dumb slices of whole-wheat bread from Wal-Mart. BUT. I think I have Handsy on board with not buying bread anymore. Because I will bake every weekend. It's so soothing to me. And the outcome is so enjoyable. So, so good.

Tonight, I will:
1. Work on my project (due Monday! Eep!)
2. Paint my nails
3. Work on Inadequate's scarf
4. Try to find the motivation to finally unpack all the way (Don't judge me. The only stuff left to be unpacked is some random kitchen stuff and books. I swear!)

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