Just the same as the last time

Posted by Cory , Saturday, March 7, 2009 3:53 PM

Haven't done the Friday Five in ages, but what better way to procrastinate?

1. When you're sick do you tend to call in sick and stay home or tough it out and go to work or school?
I rarely, if ever, call in sick. I'm congested about 95% of the time anyway, so it takes a lot for me to decide that I can't work. I almost called in Thursday, though. If I were to get the flu or something more serious than a cold, I'd more than likely call in. I do remember skipping a day of classes at Franciscan once.

2. Do you have any favorite medicine that you like to take while sick?
My standard cocktail of Sudafed and Advil. If I can feel a cold coming on (meaning I have a scratchy throat), I take Zicam every three hours and it seems to help.

3. When you're sick is there a certain food or drink that makes you feel better? If yes what?
Tea, tea, and more tea.

4. Do you take anything daily to prevent you from getting sick? (Vitamins, Emergen-C etc)
I try to remember to take Airborne, because I work with kids, but I usually fail at remembering to take it on a regular basis.

5. When you're sick do you have any comforting items that you like to have? ( a certain blanket, pillow, or clothing)
Just my sweats and my bed.

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