You have broken me all the way down

Posted by Cory , Monday, March 30, 2009 7:30 PM

Was instructed by Starbuck to blog something. Here goes.

Seriously, I am loving spring break. I didn't have to pick up T until 11 this morning. 11! I sat in my pajamas and drank my coffee and read the paper. Then I worked 11-3 and came home! It was brilliant. I know a few of my coworkers are bored with the break already because it's hard to think of things to do with the kids, especially since the weather has been so crummy, but I'm enjoying it. There's no middle school, no severely autistic kids, no 7:30 am.

Still don't entirely know if my vacation request for Ireland was approved. My boss tends to hang onto them and work out the coverage details on the same form, and she hasn't specifically told me that it's not been approved, but I'm still a little nervous. Maybe it won't get the OK and I'll have to quit and that will be the catalyst for the job change I've been toying with! Oh, but let's not think about that. That would be a little sad.

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Lindsey Says:

Despite feelings of foreboding, I've never NOT had a request approved, if that helps. And I've maybe submitted more of those than anyone else at the company. I like time off, what can I say? I have one for May that I WILL be taking, and she's holding out on me, too. But seriously, the kid's at daycare all day. He'll be ok.

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